R1 Big Game Rifles


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    R1 Big Game Rifles

    Most sporting firearms today differ little in terms of technology from those developed a century ago. That’s why the design team at Benelli set out to create something completely new, and succeeded with the R1 semi-automatic hunting rifle – a trim, fast-handling firearm with style to spare.

         The R1’s action is based on Benelli’s innovative M4 military shotgun used by the United States Marine Corps. It incorporates the auto-regulating, gas-operated (ARGO) system adapted for use with centerfire rifle cartridges paired with a three-lug rotary bolt. The gas cylinder is positioned to allow for a short operating rod, resulting in less felt recoil than other rifles.

         Astute observers will note the R1’s sleek outline somewhat resembles Benelli’s legendary Super Black Eagle shotgun. The free-floating, cryogenically treated barrel is mated to a sturdy steel upper receiver to offer outstanding accuracy and a secure platform for mounting optics. The lower receiver is anodized aluminum to reduce weight. The stock is select walnut and fitted with a unique recoil pad that is thickest where recoil is concentrated.

         The R1’s ergonomic design seamlessly blends curves and angles into a masterpiece of innovative elegance as effective and efficient as it is pleasing to the eye, a harmonious uniting of form and function. See the Benelli R1 at your firearm dealer today to experience something completely new.



    ITEM NUMBERSTOCK FINISHRECEIVER FINISHBARREL FINISHCALIBERBARREL LENGTHGRIPMSRPSTOCK CONFIGURATIONSIZEHAND-DOMINANCETWIST RATEACTIONDRILLED & TAPPEDLENGTH OF PULLDROP AT HEELDROP AT COMBOVERALL LENGTHAVG. WEIGHT11770AA-Grade Satin WalnutAnodized, BlackGloss, Blued30-0622″Standard$1,249ComforTech®StandardRight Handed1 in 11″Semi-Auto RiflesYes14″1-3/4″1-1/4″44″7.2 lbs11771Black SyntheticAnodized, BlackMatte, Blued30-0622″Standard$1,449ComforTech®StandardRight Handed1 in 11″Semi-Auto RiflesYes14″1-3/4″1-1/4″44″7.1 lbs11772Black SyntheticAnodized, BlackMatte, Blued.300 Win Mag24″Standard$1,449ComforTech®StandardRight Handed1 in 11″Semi-Auto RiflesYes14″1-3/4″1-1/4″46″7.3 lbs11777AA-Grade Satin WalnutAnodized, BlackGloss, Blued30822″Standard$1,249StandardStandardRight Handed1 in 11″Semi-Auto RiflesYes14″1-3/4″1-1/4″44″7.2 lbs11778Black SyntheticAnodized, BlackMatte, Blued30822″Standard$1,449ComforTech®StandardRight Handed1 in 11″Semi-Auto RiflesYes14″1-3/4″1-1/4″44″7.1 lbs11773Black SyntheticAnodized, BlackMatte, Blued33824″Standard$1,449ComforTech®StandardRight Handed1 in 10″Semi-Auto RiflesYes14″1-3/4″1-1/4″46″7.3 lbs

    Crio® Treated Barrel
    Drilled and Tapped Receiver
    Shim Kit
    The stock drop and cast is user-adjustable. Changing shims using this included kit provides a customized sighting plane to fit your unique physical build and shooting style.
    ComforTech® Gel Recoil Pad and Comb Pad


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